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Hye peeps !!panggil aku zati je.Aku seorang budak yang berumur 20 tahun. Masih budak- budak lagi. Aku seorang budak Dip. In Banking Uitm yang bakal nak masuk sem 6 tak lama lagi.

Love never easy

Love is not easy. Believe me,love was never easy. Love is something you cannot live without.Love is something you cannot live with. You love you are in pain and you dont love you miss the pain. What a crucial condition,what to do to love or not to love?
Love brings an ecstacy, enlightment,energy in life.Love takes away emptiness within you. it gives you a reason to live.Love makes you understand everything, it needs endurance.Endurance to bear the pain, the pain of seperation. a sweet pain.
Love makes you vulnerable.Every slightest of disruptions in love, weaken you if you have lost in battle of life.Love is what you feel.Love fills your eyes with tears. love develops patience. It gives you strength, a will to smile even its something that makes you cry.
Love is another name of hope.A hope to be together,hope turned into belief. A trust in each other.
Love brings creativity in life. Love paints its own world. love is a dream. love never dies. Love is eternal.
LOve is a melodious understands no reason or season.
love is freshness. love is looking in same direction. love is holding hands.
love is restlessness. love is impeccableand love is not a decision.Love is is ineffable.Love is in wait. Love is visceral. Love is in soul.
Love is being candid about each others is an is an answer to all the questions raised by life. love is endless, love has no beginning.
Love is a is a fire. love is a desire.
love is being imperfect for the world except for the one who loves you. Love is being grateful.
Love is in thanks. love is in eyes.Love is beautiful..yes i am in love..

Aku tataw ape motif aku post pasal love memalam buta ney.

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